Position of Header and Footer


if I try to print out a page in A4 landscape from Scapple with the options

  • “Scale to Fit One Page” and
  • “Print Header and Footer”

the header and footer are placed very narrow to the corners of the page. The result is, that my printer prints only half of the line and I can see only “half” of the words, so the feature is useless. This happens inspite of the fact, that on the preview page in the printer menu all of the words (Header and Footer) are visible.
Is there a possibility to change the position of the footer and header lines and have an enlarged space between the edge of the page and the footer resp. header line?

Kind regards


I’m afraid there’s no code in Scapple handling the header and footer - it just calls on OS X’s standard header and footer code. Do you have the same problem in TextEdit? One thing you could try is changing the “Non-Printable Area” - go to File > Page Setup and choose “Manage Custom Sizes…” from the “Paper Size” pop-up to access this.

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