Positional control over "Compose" space placement.

I am firmly settling into the use of the Compose view for writing as much as I can. Having learned recently how to make use of the QuickReference panes, I can keep a street map and some references documents open while I write.

However I am finding that the limited control over the placement of the Compose Space is making my task difficult.

There are three choices, left, centre and right. The centre position makes it very difficult to keep two docs open in a usable way down the sides. I have to keep sliding them out of the way and back again. But the left and right positions make sitting at the screen very awkward and I have to keep moving my chair to suit.

It would be so nice to have a small slider in the popup Compose menu (similar to the paper width slider), instead of a left, centre and right choice. That way I could use the slider to chose just the right position, in a few more inches from the left, so that I can still sit centrally, but leaving a nice open space for the QuickReference panes on the right.