Positioning cursor at start of next word

Is there a way, using the keyboard, to shift the cursor to the START of the next word?

If I use Alt/right-arrow, the cursor moves to the the end of the word.

I’ve tried using every key combination I can think of, searched here and online, and in the manual, to no avail.

Am I missing something?

Alt right arrow then left arrow will do what you want.

Might have to hit the right arrow twice, depending on cursor’s starting position: Alt right arrow, right arrow again, then left arrow.

Guess it would be easier to do Alt right arrow, then another right arrow without the Alt key depressed.

Standard OS X key combo across most (all?) apps.

Don’t know if there is a shorter way to do this…

Thanks, Briar.

I was wondering if there was a single shortcut to do it. I came to Scriv from Word, and there, Alt/right-arrow takes you to the front of the next word.

I can see why going to the end of the next word is useful if you’re selecting with the Shift key added in there, but to me it doesn’t seem so useful for general navigation.

But it ain’t the end of the world.

Just tried it in Word. See what you mean.

Difference between Word and what happens in other apps like Safari, Scrivener, Writer, etc. :confused: