Positioning of images within document

Hello, I’m trying to insert an image but it isn’t working the way I would expect it to. There is a large amount of gutter space above the image, nearly the same height as the image itself.

Ideally I’d like the image centered with a line space between the paragraphs above and below it; I can repeat the image with multiple image files so I’m fairly certain the image is not the reason. Centering works fine, as well. Just the white space issue. Any ideas?

My first guess would be that the image is on the same line as other text (even if only a single space character), and the image is “word” wrapping the line it’s on, but still forcing the editor to treat the rest of the paragraph as if it’s just a really [size=200]tall[/size] character on the same line. Try Format->Options->Show Invisibles and see if there’s an invisible, non-paragraph character before or after the image that you can delete.

Edit: In short, make sure the image is its own paragraph.

Hope that helps!

Another user posted a reply in the other image thread that I think may have been addressed to me because this resolved my issue:

I was able to get rid of the large space above an image by changing the line spacing for that section to single space with 0 pt above and below. If you don’t change this setting and insert a large image you are going to have an proportionally large space before and after the image. All better now.