Possessed By Demonic Forces

I had the strangest behavior from version 23 under Ubuntu Natty w/ Gnome3.
It can be a little sluggish to register keypresses sometimes, which makes for fun mass deletions, but today it was like someone else was typing. Lag, incorrect keys, deletions occurring instead of input. :smiling_imp: It was bizarre. I restarted Scrivener and it was fine.

Anyone else run into this?

edit: Ah ha! It’s repeatable. All I have to do is hold down backspace for one second and my input from then on is FUBAR.

edit: And just for the fun of it I booted up my Windows VM to see if it occurs in that situation. It does not. Only in the native Linux version. :

Does your spell check work?

Hmmm. I would assume that it does not.

I don’t typically use spell check in editors (I create a lot of new words, use jargon, etc.) so I hadn’t attempted to check anything. Running a spell check on a file I know has non-dictionary words yields no errors, so either I need to link the dictionary to the app or the feature isn’t functional for me.


I have the same environment, ubuntu natty with gnome3, no such problem, even if I press backspace for a few seconds.

Do you know how to link the dictionary to the app? I could really do with my spell checker!