Possibilities of searching through Snapshots?

Hello all,

Would appreciate some suggestions!

I’m currently in the process of writing up.
I’m using Bookends as my reference manager.

Given that much of the text I’m working with at the moment, was created prior to my using Bookends, I am now systematically replacing my ‘manually-written-out’ references inside the footnotes, with the Bookends temporary citation-holders.

Here’s my problem:

It often happens that I am citing different works from the same author, in particular sections my of my thesis.
Given my workflow, I might accidentally replace the manual entry, with the incorrect BE reference.

In other words >>

Author A 1999 article
Author A 1999 article
Author A 1999 article
Author A 2001 article
Author A 1999 article
Author A 1999 article

I am nervous that at the underlined reference above, whereas I should have inserted the reference to the 2001 article, I instead replaced it with the same 1999 article reference.

I cannot really confirm things after the fact, since I’ve replaced the manually-written-out citation (that would have included the date) with the BE temporary placeholder. So looking back, I will simply see the above list as ALL being reference to the 1999 article. In the absence of calling up my original Word file, and comparing the two side-by-side, I would be none the wiser.

So >> Snapshot to the rescue. By comparing the initial snapshot, to the latest version, I can quickly “see” what I replaced, and confirm that I didn’t accidentally insert a 1999 reference, that should have been a 2001 reference.

My query:

Can I “search” through the Snapshot field?

I only want to check all the changes made to Author A - since this is the only one I am concerned about.
Currently, I set up the compare option, select all the text in the inspector pane, and then copy it out into Word - where I run the search.

It works well enough, but I just want to check that I’m not possibly missing an alternative solution, to searching inside the Snapshot/Compare field?


No, I’m afraid that there’s no way to search through snapshots in this way - yet. A future version will feature a “Snapshot Manager” which will list every snapshot in the project and allow you to search them, but that is a little way off, so your workaround is probably the best way of doing things for now, sorry!

All the best,

No worries - thanks Keith.

Figured the workaround out whilst writing the initial comment - so I guess you could say you already helped! 8)

Using Word works well-enough, so all good. Having said that, glad to hear about the “snapshot manager” – that would be fantastic.