Possibility to change add keyboard shortcuts

Maybe this is something that can already be done but I haven’t figured out how. I’m pretty new to Scrivener and I’m loving it. One thing that is a bit frustrating, though, is to adapt to some of the non-standard key combinations.

So, for instance, in most Mac apps if you want to increase the size of the characters appearing on the screen (without changing the font size), i.e. ‘zoom in’, you use cmd-+. In Scrivener, however, you use a different key combination. I’d like to be able to assign cmd + to zoom in and cmd - to zoom out. Same for other key shortcuts. I’d like to be able to create my own.

Would this be too hard to implement?

Thanks for the great product.

PS. Scrivener hasn’t provided a solution for my current writer’s block crisis (or is this part of my more serious problem: severe procrastination?). Can I also request a feature to solve this problem?

Josep M.


Thanks for the kind words, and welcome to the forums!

Actually in most Mac apps that have editable rich text, cmd-+ and cmd-- control the font size - they are only standard for zooming in and out in apps that don’t have rich text. Scrivener therefore uses the same keyboard shortcuts as Pages for zooming in and out. However, one great thing about OS X is that it allows you to customise the keyboard shortcuts for almost any application via the System Preferences. We have instructions on how to do this here:

literatureandlatte.com/wiki/ … _shortcuts

One thing to bear in mind is that if you want to swap keyboard shortcuts - for instance if you want to change “Zoom In” to cmd-+, which is already assigned to Format > Font > Bigger - you will need to change the keyboard shortcuts for both.

I wish for this feature too, alas it has proved difficult to implement!

All the best,

The Catch-22 effect: you need the feature in order to create the feature…

Thanks for the prompt answer to my question. You can tell I’m new to the Mac since I didn’t know something that was apparently obvious. I don’t use Pages (I keep on hearing that they are coming up with the new version and I’m sort of waiting). To tell you the truth, though, having Scrivener I don’t think I need Pages for anything.

I had used Cmd - + to zoom in with other text editors, though (Fraise, for instance). Since zooming in is something that I do more frequently than increasing the font size, I thought an easier shortcut might be more comfortable. By the way, how can one do zoom out via keyboard shortcut? Supposedly you do Shift - Cmd - < but when you click on the Shift key automatically you get ‘>’ instead of ‘<’. I’m confused.

And yes, Jennifer is totally right, the Catch-22 effect always prevails. I have all of these books and resources on how to defeat procrastination and add that I have gathered, I only need to stop procrastinating and manage to follow the advice they give.

Josep M.

That suggests to me that you are using a non-English keyboard layout, since < is Shift-comma, and > is Shift-period on the UK English, International English and presumably US English keyboard mapping. What language keyboard are you using? That affects the code that a key-press sends to the CPU.


Hi Mark,

You are totally right. I’m using a Spanish keyboard.

Actually, now that you mention this, I’m noticing something strange when I work with Srivener: the ‘check spelling while typing’ doesn’t work for Spanish. I work in three different languages and I had not had any problems using this feature before. When I use Scrivener, no matter what language I select, the text is treated as an English text. That is, any word not in the English dictionary is considered a spelling error. I’ve checked more than once and the language I have selected is Spanish. This is weird.

I know that Scrivener doesn’t use its own spell checker but rather relies on the underlying OSX spell checker but I had not noticed these problems until now.


Fraise is a plain text editor, though, isn’t it? I was specifically talking about rich text editors such as Scrivener. It’s conventional for plain text editors to use cmd-plus/minus to zoom in and out of text because you can’t make their font bigger or smaller, but for rich text editors it’s conventional for these same shortcuts to affect the font size - in fact, it’s so conventional that Apple’s developer tools automatically add these shortcuts when you add a “Font” menu to a program.

As for spelling, as you note, Scrivener uses the standard OS X spelling system, and there is zero code in Scrivener itself that affects it. Where did you check the language? If you haven’t already, you may want to go to Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar and see if “Automatic by Language” is turned on, and if so change the setting.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Sorry about not answering. I would swear I had activated the option to be notified when an answer was posted to this thread but I didn’t receive any notification. I only notice there was an answer when I accessed the forums to post another message.

Anyway, yes, Fraise is a plain text editor. As for rich text editors, the only ones I use are NeoOffice and Word. The key combination you mention doesn’t seem to work to make characters appear bigger on the screen (and no other key combination for that matter), which is annoying.

Concerning my problems with spelling, I still have not solved the problem but I found a work around. I simply installed the Cocoa Aspell dictionary for Spanish and that seems to work. The Spanish dictionary provided by Apple does not work.

Thanks again for your help.