Possibility to zoom into imported pdf documents?


I just imported a pdf to my Scrivener. I am doing a research and thought it might be nicer to scan the book chapter I am working on. And then use the split function to make the pdf and the research writing run on the same screen.

I scanned the book so that two pages fit into one “paper”. Then I imported that, and now I noticed the pages, being side by side, are very small on Scrivener. Is there a possibility to zoom into our imported documents? As it is this particular document is very hard to read (squint squint). Also the Mac mouse zoom does not work on Scrivener window.

Leena :slight_smile:

Yes, just use View > Zoom > Zoom In / Zoom Out (shift-cmd-> and shift-cmd-<, or cmd-+ and cmd-- work with PDFs too).