Possible 3.151 Inspector bug

In one project my inspector view is locked to Project bookmarks without the ability to access or see other inspector panes. Not sure how this happened. Two other currently open projects are fine.
I included an image.
Bug or did I screw something up?

I presume one of the conditions described in the introduction to the chapter on the inspector, in §13.1, Inspecting Items, are in effect. It should be easy enough to click on something else, even in this bookmark list you could drag for example “Customizing Document notes” over to the active editor and see if the inspector switches to it properly.

Just below that is a section describing how to lock the inspector—it’s worth making sure that setting isn’t in effect, either.

Thanks did a restart and inspector now seems ok will look at that section but had not locked the inspector.
But when locked it now, that did not reproduce this. Seems fine now.

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Didn’t you just have the Draft /Manuscript folder selected? Then the Bookmarks tab is the only viable option.

(So funny to see my TropicalNight Theme used on someone elses computer!)

No was selecting an individual file and restart corrected.

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