Possible bug in Format, Convert, Multiple Spaces to Space

A new one on me: I drag a Word document into Scrivener from an email to edit, go Select All, hit my saved preset for body text, then begin the various formatting operations meant to sponge away the extraneous pretty formatting with which authors like to desecrate their manuscripts.

Yesterday, for the first time, I hit Format, Convert, Multiple Spaces, and instead of simply doing that, as it usually does, I got the spinning beachball, and the computer fans went to high, and it just sat there doing nothing for about 15 minutes until I got annoyed and went to a Force-Quit.

Today it did the same thing, on a different document from a different author. The one thing both had in common: the originated with the geezerhood, and both had hard returns after each line. After I removed all the hard returns in the first document, Convert Multiple Spaces worked as expected, as did everything else.

Is that a bug? It can’t be a feature.

Running 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro around 2010 vintage.

That definitely sounds like a bug - it sounds as though it’s getting stuck in an infinite loop. However, I can’t reproduce it, and I can’t see anything obvious in the code that would cause the hang (it’s a fairly simple piece of code) unless it is somehow refusing the change. Could you please send me a project, or a document I can import, that gets stuck in this way?


All the best,

Thanks. On its way to mac.support.