Possible bug: no paragraph breaks when "Convert MultiMarkdown to rich text in notes and text" checked

When I compile with the option to “Convert MultiMarkdown to rich text in notes and text,” the compiled document has no paragraph breaks. The the problem goes away when I uncheck the option (but then, of course, my compile is formatted improperly).

Checking the option “Convert Markdown to rich text in titles and synopses” doesn’t seem to make a difference.

This is using version: Beta (855326) 64-bit

It sounds like you aren’t using Markdown-compatible paragraph spacing in your source material. Paragraphs should be double-spaced in the editor, not one after another like you would do in a word processor. Rule of thumb should be: would this look good in a plain-text editor, like Notepad, without any artificial spacing or indenting added to it?

This should be easily fixed with some search and replacing.

As noted, it only impacts titles and synopses.