Possible Bug or New Feature

I just started using Scrivener and love it so far. I mainly write research articles. My question or bug is that in the Research folder and all sub folders etc they always have the check box for Include in Compile checked so I have to uncheck it with each new folder or text file. It would seem logical that most people whould not like their general research to be automatically compiled into their writings. Is there a way to make it so all Research folders text files and sub folders don’t have the Include in Compile box automatically checked. So bug or not it would be nice to have a feature that you can activate on a main folder that will also apply to all subfolders and text files where you can have the Include in Compile not automatically checked off. Thanks otherwise great program and I am looking forward to writing with it.


“Include in Compile” only has any meaning in the Draft folder, really - so you can safely ignore it outside there. It’s still available elsewhere because it will in the future be possible to compile collections instead of the draft (collections being arbitrary groups of documents). “Include in Compile” only has meaning for documents included in the current compile group, so you don’t need to bother turning it off for your research documents at all - you can just ignore it.

Thanks for the kind words - hope this helps.

All the best,