Possible bug or strange behavior in header font on compile.

In the compile settings I have set the header font to Courier New 12. If I tick add front matter: Title page all headers seem to work fine. IE when I open the compiled docx document file in word 2019 mac they are indeed Courier New 12. If I untick Add front matter when compiling so I do not get The title page then all the headers become Helvetica 12 when I open the compiled docx.

I have tried a few different changes in Page Setting in compile setting but it did not make a difference.

It is a minor thing I can make the changes in word, but I am wondering if this is indeed a bug or if I can make the header font compile correctly without front matter.

Scrivener version 3.1.1 (latest)

MacOS Mojave 10.14.1 (latest)

Word 2019 version 16.19 (Latest)


Could you possibly create a small sample project showing the issue, zip it up and attach it to your reply? Or alternatively send us the project at mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com? That definitely sounds as though something is going wrong, so I would like to see what is going on, as I can’t reproduce it myself.


I have a template I made that I was going to zip up and post here but realized it works properly so it must be in my project. I actually checked another novel I am working on in another .scriv file and it is indeed doing the same thing as well.

So, I am wondering if I should email you the actual file. (It has a portion of my manuscript and research, etc.)


As I continue to investigate, there was one difference between my template compile settings and my novel settings and that was the font for headers in my template It was courier 12 in my novel it was courier new 12. when I changed the header font in my template compile settings to courier new 12 it does the same thing. on compile it comes out as helvetica. so here is the template.


p.s. Even more strange. On my template file when I switched the header font back to courier from courier new it worked properly. However when I switched the font in my novel It did not fix but still shows the helvetica.

p.p.s. I did check and both fonts validate in fontbook. Courier New is a ttf from the Monotype Corporation. Monotype:Courier New:version 5.00 (Microsoft). It looks like it was installed with MS Word.
My Template.scriv.zip (340 KB)

Ah, okay, gotcha. I’m afraid there is a bit of a limitation here. If you click on the “?” button next to the header and footer font controls, you will see that it says that the font you choose for the header and footer must also appear somewhere in the main text. If it doesn’t, it will fall back on a font that is used, or on the default system font. This is down to how the RTF/Word code is generated.

The good news is that I have found a way of removing this historical limitation for the next update.

All the best,

Ok I got that, but the main text is all Courier New. Thats what I am trying to get is the whole thing in one font.


What appears to me to be happening is that it is picking up the first font it finds. I think that even though I have changed all the fonts to Courier New since by default I think a word document has Helvetica it must still be there in the beginning with a empty space character or something in the code.

But that is a theory because I have noticed sometimes when I delete a whole page of text to the beginning the font sometimes reverts to Helvetica when I start typing again although I think I fixed this by setting the scrivener preferences formatting to use formatting in current editor.

Also the 14 spaces at the beginning of each chapter are Helvetica.


UPDATE: I made a copy project and converted all the documents to Courier by setting scrivener default form current page and using Documents/Convert and changed all the compile settings to Courier. When I compiled without front matter the header came out correct courier 12. When I changed back all documents to Courier New the same way by setting Scrivener default to use current formatting in editor it reversing everything I just did the same way. When I compile the header again becomes Helvetica 12.

In the project you sent me, all of the text in the project was set to use Courier, not Courier New. You’re right that if the font cannot be found in the project then it will use the first font in the font table. As long as the font is actually used in the text somewhere, though, it should be used in the header fine, and I can’t reproduce a situation where it isn’t. If you have a project that shows this issue, could you please upload it or send it to us? As I say, the project you sent uses Courier so it is showing expected behaviour.

Thanks and all the best,

As I mentioned in another thread, this behavior is NOT the case for me: the main text is compiled into Times New Roman 12, but the headers (which I also wanted to be TNR 12) kept showing up as Helvetica. Unless you mean the font must appear somewhere in the main text in the binder (I write the actual text using Cochin)?

I eventually went with selecting “Times New Roman” for the whole compile, which is not great but does use TNR for the headers.

With the latest update that just came out this does indeed appear to be fixed. It now works the way I would expect. I even tried using it on the above template (which i have since changed) and it compiles with the correct font in the header.

Thanks Keith.