(Possible) Bug - Project Specifics Not Saving Cross Platform

Hey L&L!

Thank you so much for all the work you are doing to get the Windows version of Scriv 3 up and running; I love this software!

Currently, there seems to be an issue with project-specific settings not being kept when you switch across platforms. Specifically:

(Mac to WIndows - haven’t tested the other way yet): Project-specific formatting (font, font-size, etc.) for new documents not saving. Any documents already created show up properly, but Windows isn’t recognizing the project default that I set up in MacOS.

(Windows to Mac) - Project’s Session-Target not saving. The overall manuscript target accurately saves, but I have the the session-targets set to reset daily, but whenever I start in Windows and open up in Mac, it says “0”/x for today’s session in Mac (haven’t tested it the other way yet).

I’ll report back as I learn more.


Confirmed - that default fonts for projects only don’t work one way. If I change it in Mac Scriv 3, Windows Scriv 3 doesn’t recognize it. But if I change it in WIn Scriv 3, it keeps it on Mac and still keeps it again when opened back up in Windows.

Word count is messed up both ways, but worse when opening the project on Mac. Writing in Windows will always set the session target back at zero on Mac. However, though not zero, some word count is loss when opening on Windows after most recently editing in Mac.