Possible Bug-Setting Project Targets V2.6

I think I found a small bug while setting up project targets. I wanted to get Scrivener set up for NaNoWriMo (I know it’s early, but I wanted to get project targets and deadline ready while I was thinking about it) and, when I went to put in the deadline, it wouldn’t let me type in the year.

Scrivener thought it was April 12, 2011, so I needed to change it. I was able to type “11” for the month and “30” for the date, but when I tried to type in “2014,” it changed it to “0014.” Tried again, same result. As soon as I tried to type a 4th number, it changed to “00##.” I tried to put it back to 2011, and it input “0011.” The latest year I could enter was “0999.” I was able to use the up arrow beside the window to adjust it to the correct year, and I know it’s not the year 999, so it really isn’t a big deal, but I figured you guys would want to be aware of it.

I am running version 2.6 (just updated yesterday)

I’ve just tested this, and indeed, there seems to be an odd bug in the date picker on Yosemite. This isn’t a Scrivener-specific bug, however - that date picker is just a standard OS X UI component. I just tested by creating a new test app that had nothing but the standard Cocoa date picker in it, and the same happened. What it seems to be is a weird time limit - if you type the year quickly, it works fine, but if you type casually, it times out and overwrites the whole date with the third or fourth stroke.

I have submitted the bug to Apple (bug ID#18700092) - unfortunately, as it’s a black box standard UI component, I don’t have any way of fixing it, so it’s down to Apple (and I wouldn’t bet on them fixing it until 10.11, as they tend to give up on developer-reported bugs between major releases from my experience).