Possible bug: some settings not kept on uninstall/reinstall

I’m not sure this is a bug because I don’t know how reinstalls are intended to work for Scrivener, but it seems like an uninstall performed in order to reinstall a later version should keep the user’s settings. This isn’t currently the case. For example, I had set the default font (and other basic settings) with the Windows 3.0 beta version 14, and when I uninstalled that per instructions to reinstall v15, those settings had reverted to defaults. Some other settings (like defined styles) were retained.
Here’s the case for this being a bug: I think that one of these statements must be true, and in both cases, user settings must be kept:

  1. Upgrades are performed by uninstalling and reinstalling. This is the current model according to the instructions when installing. If this is the case, user settings must be kept.
  2. Upgrades are performed without uninstalling. If this were the case, user settings must still be kept.
    Hope this is helpful.

If you use the automatic updates, user settings are kept. If you uninstall/install user settings are removed and reset to defaults.

That makes sense for released versions, but according to the below link, automatic updates don’t work for the beta version, but uninstall/reinstall should be used instead, which means that beta testers lose some of their settings every month or so.

Now that I know that, I guess this is only needed for beta testers, but it would be nice not to lose settings.


Have you not tried saving your settings and re-importing them when you’ve installed the new version?

No, I’m fairly new to this product and didn’t know that was an option. But I’ve now found it and I’ll try that.


That’s verbiage from the very beginning of the beta tests when the automated updater wasn’t working yet. There are a number of us who have been using that as our primary upgrade method for many versions now to make sure those routines are working reliably. I understand why that verbiage hasn’t been removed, but it is extraneous for many cases now.

This is great to here, Devin. Thanks for letting us know.

I’ll still back up my settings from time to time, but updating to the latest version just got much easier.