Possible bug

When I set the file to play nice with Simplenote, it will simply refuse to play nice with the windows version.

Could you clarify a bit here on what you mean by this? What does “play nice” mean in both contexts? Are you saying that a project that is using Simplenote synchronisation on the Mac will not open in Windows? How are you transferring the project from one computer to another? I can’t reproduce this scenario. A file with Simplenote synchronisation set up does not become inoperable on a Windows machine when I transfer it over.

Yes, once you sincronize with simplenote, it will not update the same file to the windows version.

I exported, synced to an external folder, and will see if that works… if not, editing will happen on Word.

Well for the moment it is working using an external folder over dropbox.

I think we might be talking about two different things. When I say that the project works fine in Windows, I’m actually copying the entire project over to the Windows laptop and opening it in Scrivener for Windows. There is no Simplenote synchronisation in the WIndows version right now, so if you edit a file in Simplenote, and neglect to sync on the Mac before copying the latest version of the project to Windows—yes, it will not be up to date. Is that what you mean?

After syncing the project in the Mac it will not open on the windows machine in full. The only version that opens is the last before I synced for the first time with simple note.

No harm, no foul, using an external folder and word for the edit on the NetBook. But for example the file as a chapter three, it does not matter if I try to open from dropbox, or a thumb drive the file will not open in full in the Nettie. It’s like it got frozen at the point I did sync with Simplenote.

Would you mind sharing the before and after versions of the project—if they aren’t too large? Whatever is happening, it’s something I can’t reproduce in my tests because it sounds like we are doing the same things, but in my results, the project still opens fine in Windows. So something in your project is jamming it up and finding what that is could help solve the problem for you and others. If that is okay with you, send both projects (the before version and after version) as zip files to support at literatureandlatte.com. Might not get to it until after the holiday break, so no rush.

I’ll send you the file, no problem. It struck me as odd.


As I said, no harm no foul.

I am almost done with it. I need one more edit, (at least) and figure out exactly how to get them into both mobi and epub… taking this sucker to print myself. It is an essay on the Occupy movement.

So you could say I am pushing the software. And since I have a few issues with tennis elbow, I have been using MULTIPLE platforms to get this thing done.


(Yes why I was using simple note for a lot of writing and even editing, with the photos on the file… not sure I can do that anymore)