Possible Buggy Issue

I couldn’t find the appropriate topic, but here it goes. I just bought Scrivener and I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m having an issue with my toolbar. I know how to make it appear and disappear and such, but for some reason, I do not have the middle section, where you can simply switch between corkboard,view group scrivenings, and the outline. There appears to be no option to make it appear. I’ve even tried making new projects and that doesn’t fix the issue.

I installed it on my husband’s laptop and he has it. I feel as if I should also mention that I had Scrivener as a trial during NaNo and had the same problem. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Did you completely uninstall the Trial version before you installed the release version?

There were some bugs in the beta versions that were ironed out for the release that might still be lingering if you’re seeing the same issue.

What does it look like when you go into Tools > Customize Toolbars > Main Toolbar (upper right)?
In the right column it should say View Mode
indicates the space to the left and right of the 3 ViewMode buttons (thus making it centered)
If View Mode does not appear in the right column, move it there (from the left column)