Possible compile bug

So I’m getting a bug involving compile. I compile a file for odt, and it’ll open fine in Open Office, KWord, whatever. I upload it to google docs or save that ODT file as doc, and it comes out with a microscopic font size. Here’s what I did:

1.) In compile settings, I changed the font. (New Century Schoolbook)
2.) I saved the settings.
3.) Compile the file as ODT, then change the name of the file to *.odt instead of *…odt
4.) Upload it to google documents

My friend, Michelle, who got the file says that if you change the font size (to anything other than what it was), the text is normally sized.

I’d attach the file, but the forum won’t allow *.odt

Forgot a link. This is what the file looks like, if you upload it to google docs: docs.google.com/document/d/1uq3 … y=CPetnEo#

Only seems to be an issue if you use Word for the doc file or Google Docs for either the word or ODT files.

Another edit: it’s also an issue with the linux native version. the resultant ODT file is listing font size as 2, although it displays fine in Open Office/LibreOffice.

zip then attach…

Doh. :blush:

Attached the doc file as well.
loremtest1.doc (43.5 KB)
loremtest1.odt.zip (6.26 KB)

we all have our days.

Okay here’s another one. When I try to compile to pdf, I get an error box that it may need Word installed, and it fails. (PDF rendering used to work with WINE/windows, and it works fine with the linux native version.) Postscript, html, and render to image fail in the same manner. odt, rtf, text work.

Trying to troubleshoot the compile issue earlier I did try to compile to *.doc, but got the same error. Is this a new change, or something wrong?


I had this message when I installed the Beta 1.6.
I do not remember which was the message exactly, but wasn’t there a file name mentioned ?

It didn’t bother me, as I DO have Word installed.

Now, I cannot say that there are compiling problems, neither to pdf, nor to Word.

This means, that there is definitely something in Word, that is needed by the Beta 1.6 version.

Found another issue.

On the ODT I compiled yesterday, I noticed it displays fine, but the font size is allegedly 2. (Noticed this in Open Office/Libre Office/KWord.)

Just a thought, might the 2 be relative to CSS em size and not actual font size? This would mean that the odt file is being interpreted as HTML with CSS directives applied. Can’t remember how to verify that as my linux use has really dropped off.

I think, though, that it’s being interpreted as font size, because if you upload the document to google docs or save as *.doc and open that in older versions of Word, it comes out with minuscule font. Allegedly it displays fine in Word 2010. (For what it’s worth, I selected 12 point font when I compiled it.)