Possible Error in Windows User Manual §10.1.6

I have been working through item §10.1.6 in the user manual and would like to draw your attention to point 3 in the extract below.

I understand that Cmd-V is a typo but using Ctrl+V (Paste) does not work.

What I did:

  1. In Project A, I clicked on the Characters folder and using the menus selected Edit > Copy Special > Copy Document as External Link.
  2. Then, in Project B, I opened the Inspector, clicked on Project Bookmarks and pressed Ctrl+V. Nothing pasted in the Bookmarks list.

Expected behaviour:
A bookmark with a Scrivener icon would be added to the Project Bookmarks list.

I also clicked in the Bookmarks icon and tried to paste (Ctrl+V) into the popup list, and nothing happened.

It does paste the whole link string into the Bookmark active preview pane (think that’s what it’s called), but I’m sure that’s not the intention.

Points 1 and 2 in the extract work as expected.

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