Possible Formatting issue ?

I am using Scrivener for Mac v2.8.1.2. I am trying to help a friend publish a book of family recipes to give as a gift to family members. Everything looks fine in Scrivener but when it is exported to PDF to upload to CreateSpace, some things dont look right. I think these might be formatting issues but what I have done with Scrivener so far, this hasnt shown up in. The book will be printed in 6 x 9 format on CreateSpace.

Would appreciate any suggestions that you can provide. Screenshots are attached showing how I see it in Scrivener and how it looks in the resulting pdf. Hopefully the fix for this will be something simple.


The main thing that seems to be going on is that the compile format you are using is applying First-Line Indent to paragraphs. Different font, too of course – not sure if that is intentional.

If you select everything of that recipe and choose Format > Preserve Formatting, I expect that will get you output of that recipe that matches the Scriv view you have quite closely.

But the best answer would be to gain control over the compile settings to adjust these factors.

I no longer have a copy of 2.8 running, so I can’t myself give you specific directions on where to tweak your compile settings.