Possible incorrect compile format?


Just an observation (tried searching couldn’t find anything, so posting here). This is in regards to compiling a PDF using the Manuscript format (Courier) and Manuscript format (Times New Roman). I think I may have found a bug (well, not actually a bug, but perhaps just a formatting issue).

The way I know it, when you prepare a manuscript format , the first paragraph is not indented. Second paragraph onwards, every first line of a new paragraph should be indented.

And this works PERFECTLY. But only when I select the Manuscript Format (Times New Roman). If, on the other hand, I select the Manuscript (Courier) format, even the first paragraph is indented (which should not happen).

When creating, I am using the default Fiction → Novel template.

Not exactly show-stopping, but perhaps you get the idea. And yes, using a custom formatting option will make sure even the Manuscript (Courier) format works like it should, just letting you know that out-of-the-box, this is the discrepency.

Cheers and thanks for listening.


It isn’t a bug or discrepancy, but a deliberate choice.

Here is the setting (screenshot). If it isn’t checked in a specific format, the 1st paragraph has the same indent as the others. I checked that box for the First Scene section layout assigned to the scene - first section type and applied that section type to the first scene of each chapter.

(Never mind the names; you can call things anything you want.)

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Unless you are aiming for something unusual, you can get the same effect by just copying the settings in the Manuscript-Times format, which is to set the “Section Text” layout’s Paragraph first line indents setting to “Remove from first paragraph and after empty lines”, which also includes scene breaks (#).

Having to create and manually manage which section type is set for the first scene isn’t necessary for standard indenting practices, and leads to creating more work and overhead for yourself if all you want is how Times works.