Possible Project Target bug in regards to session targets

Using Scrivener with a project set up for NaNoWriMo and the session target keeps loosing the checked options of ‘Deadline’ on the Draft Target Tab, as well as ‘Automatically calculate from draft deadline’ and ‘Allow writing on day of deadline’ on the Session Target tab. I’ve had to turn these back on at least three times since the start of NaNoWriMo. Not sure how they are getting unset, I have only gone into the options to turn them back on.

Project is synced to Dropbox and has been opened on my laptop (same version of Scrivener, not sure if it suffers from this issue, I’ve only opened the project there once or twice) and Scrivener on iOS (iPhone). Not sure if it’s related to the syncing or not. Project is only open on one machine at a time.

Have you installed Themes or loaded Preferences files (. prefs) lately? Both can influence settings without you knowing it.

Not since the beginning of November.

Case in point, I just opened the project on the same computer I was working on last night, and it had lost those settings between the time I closed it last night and the time I opened it this morning