Possible Scrivener enhancement: Keyword labeling

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Possible Scrivener enhancement: Keyword labeling

See attached.
Enhancement to Scrivener 01 - Keyword labeling.zip (81.9 KB)

I think perhaps you may have skipped the sticky at the top of this forum entitled “BEFORE POSTING”. Keith has placed some guidelines there, which include this:

In the past, Keith has discouraged people from starting polls for this reason – they don’t have any relevance or weight in getting things implemented.

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Ok. Forget the poll. What about the suggested additional functionality. Any word on what (his highness of right and only thinking) Keith thinks?

You might have better luck getting responses if you actually included your idea in the post, rather than asking people to download your zip file, go through the hassle of virus scanning it (because, y’know, random zips of files from strangers are so trustworthy), opening the files and then coming back to reply. -.-

Even if your zip file contains a more detailed explanation, including an explanation in the thread would be a good idea.

Well, one problem with the suggestion is that it wouldn’t really be possible to show all keywords from other manuscripts, if I understand it correctly. All other manuscripts are in other .scriv files scattered around the file system, so to do anything like that, Scrivener would have to search your hard disk for all .scriv files, read the .scrivx file inside them, and built the keywords list like that - that would be a very slow process, even on modern computers (especially on modern computers, in fact, because of hard-disk size).

You can already group keywords, though, add them via Right-click in the Mac version:

If I’m missing anything else, you’ll have to forgive me as I have a rotten head cold.

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