Possible to add Scapple board to Scrivener project without generating a copy

Is it possible to link a Scapple board to a Scrivener project (e.g. in the research folder), so that I can view it in Scrivener, but without Scrivener automatically creating a copy of it in the Scrivener project ?

I can of course open the board from the Scrivener project and still keep editing it there, but two things bother me about this being the only option to add/link Scapple boards to Scrivener:
i) the board gets re-named “content” automatically and so all added boards are named the same way;I cannot change the board’s name
ii) the board gets placed in a folder which I did not choose

This is particularly a problem if one want to keep working on a board from within Scapple (without having to open it via Scrivener). Is there any way to circumvent the problem? Or is this something for a future wishlist?

You can import the scapple file as an alias. File->Import->Import Research Files as Aliases it the menu, I believe. I think it should borrow the quicklook view of your scapple document from the finder to display in Scrivener, but won’t actually add a copy of the file into the project.

Ah amazing ! thanks a lot!