Possible to auto-close Scrivener?

I split my work between my desktop iMac and the Macbook. Unfortunately, I often have far too many windows open, and forget to close Scrivener.

When I go to work on the file on my laptop I get the warning that I left the project open on another machine.

Does anyone know a way (possibly an Applescript or service or an app) that will automatically close Scrivener after a period of inactivity?

“Back to my Mac” is probably the easiest way to remotely control your computer. You can load the screen in a window on your current machine, and pretty much interface with it as though you were sitting in front of it (granted with a bunch of lag if you’re doing it over the internet). That requires 10.7+ and an iClod account.

The solution I am looking for doesn’t involve the need to access my other computer, remotely or otherwise. I want Scrivener to close on its own after a given period of inactivity. I would think something like that could be done with an applescript but I’m not a applescript guy or programmer.

Searching Google for ‘automator idle quit application’ returns some good looking results. Here is one (using AppleScript, not Automator, but that is well enough).

That looks like it may work. I do not know applescript - hopefully I don’t blow up my Mac. :smiley:

Thanks for the help. I did try some googling but wasn’t sure what terms to use.

Wouldn’t be much simpler to let Scrivener duplicate the project and then remember when you get back to the machine on which you left Scriv open, that you have to load the duplicated project instead?