Possible to customize Format Bar?

I’ve just switched over from Windows to Scrivener for Mac.

Mostly not too bad but one thing is driving me crazy. I like to use strikeout liberally and I’m pretty sure I was able to customize the Windows to include it along with bold, italic, etc.

Not finding any way to customize the format bar in Mac - anyone know if it’s possible?


The problem on the Mac is that it isn’t easy to change the format bar from even the programming side of things—let alone making it something that could be freely modified on the fly.

Meanwhile overstrike has an easy shortcut to remember: Shift-Cmd-Hyphen (at least I think of it has applying hyphens over the whole text, like a typewriter. :wink:)

Thanks for the quick response, Amber!

I did find the shortcut, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something, with so much else in Scrivener being customizable.

In general, I’m delighted to have defected over to the Mac after all these years. But…wow, so many shortcuts to re-learn. Things I’ve learned over decades will take some time to get used to. I need all the help I can get, lol.

It can be quite a transition, especially for those that rely on keyboard shortcuts. Getting your finger to use the Command key instead of the Control key is the most fun. :slight_smile: In my experience (personal as well) most of these are just habits that need to be broken, and in some cases there can be rewards. The universal Mac menu bar is weird at first, but because it’s at the top of the screen, every single program’s File menu is in the same exact spot, that’s easy to get used to (and there are arguments for how putting stuff along the sides of the screen are more efficient than in the middle, since you don’t have to worry one bit about how much vertical speed you put on the mouse, just slam it up to the top of the screen and that’s just as good as carefully positioning it over the word “File”).

Do note you can make things a little easier on yourself if you want. Macs let you customise menu shortcuts system-wide, here are some tips.

Oh by the way, you might want to change your forum profile, it still shows you as a Windows user.