Possible to display comments of all documents in sidebar?

Hi there,

In the MAC version, I can display comments/footnotes of all documents (with yellow/grey background) in the sidebar. I just have to select the topmost node (for example, the node ‘Manuscript’).

In the Windows version, I can only see the general global project comments/notes (with a blue background) in the sidebar when I select the topmost level (for example, the node ‘Manuscript’).

Is there a way to do the same in the Windows version? That would be practical, since one could navigate through many sub-documents in a scrivener project by clicking on the respective comments.

The comments/footnotes cannot be searched either, which is strange.
Is this a restriction of the unlicensed trial version, maybe?

Thanks in advance. for your help.

Kind regards

There isn’t a way of doing that yet, for the same reason that you cannot create a text selection across file boundaries within a Scrivenings session on Windows. On account of technical limitations, Scrivenings on Windows is literally a “stack of text editors”, whereas on a Mac the line is much more blurry, it’s one text editor with carefully fenced off zones leading back to individual text documents. The method we chose for Windows is and always has been a stop-gap. This will not always be the situation.

Edit > Find > Find by Formatting will let you skip through your comments for a search term. This can work across documents, so although you won’t be able to view all the comments together in the sidebar, you will still be able to navigate through the project to all the relevant comments.

Hi! I have and use both Scrivener for Windows and for Mac, and I’m working on a fairly long revision at the moment. I can’t view all the comments in either Mac or Windows. I understand from this exchange that it’s not possible in Windows, but in Mac I have tried selecting multiple documents in the binder pane, as well as the entire manuscript, and the inspector pane immediately shifts to a “project only” view, where the buttons for snapshots, comments, tags and keywords all disappear. As soon as I select more than one document, all buttons disappear except for project notes and references. I’m on Yosemite. It seems as though something must be going wrong. If you could help, I would really appreciate it.

Oh my gosh!! I just figured it out. I’m posting my answer here, because some other blockhead like myself might get confused: it turns out that as long as the focus is on the binder, only project notes show if more than one document is selected. AS SOON AS you move your focus to the document window, all the buttons come back, and the aggregated notes and comments show up. (This is of course only the case in the Mac version.) Whew. Now I can get back to work. :unamused: