Possible to insert Aeon Timeline dates into chapter headings?

I have a novel synced up in Scrivener and AT, with dates and times in the timeline for each chapter and scene.

Is it possible to auto-insert the AT date into a chapter heading? For example…

Chapter 3
Tuesday 09/15/2009 22:50





Yes, it can be done. Although I use Aeon Timeline, I’ve only done this once. I’m sure that you won’t be able to either put this into the top-of-the-page headings with page numbers and such, or do anything with the date format—what you see in the Outliner/Inspector view will be what you get. But for the purpose of having two lines at the beginning of your chapter, one that says “Chapter 296” and the next that says “2054-07-09 23:57:04 Monday” (or however you have it set up), read on.

I’m going to assume that you’ve never touched editing or creating a compile format before. If you’re an old hand at this :wink: , please forgive the detail that you don’t need.

First, there’s a list of placeholder tags in the Scrivener help menu. If you open that help item up, you’ll see that there’s a <$custom:…> tag available. For your purposes, you’ll want to fill in with whatever you see at the top of the start date column in the Outliner view (or the date’s title in the Inspector), so something like <$custom:Start> will be what you’ll use to insert your date.

Now you are off the main sequence: you must either build your own compile format, or duplicate and edit one of the provided formats. I suggest you duplicate and edit whatever format you’re using that gets you everything you want except the date. If you’re new at this, please review how to duplicate and edit a compile format in the Tutorial (this is covered at the end of the section “Getting it Out There”.)

Now that you have a duplicated compile format, you need to edit the section layout(s) that you use to compile your chapter headings. This is covered in painful detail in Chapter 24 of the Scrivener Manual. I’ll let you read (skim?) that on your own, but as an overview of what you’ll be doing: You’ll double-click on that duplicated format, find the layout you use to output your chapters, and add the custom date placeholder (see above) in the Title Options section. Here’s some screenshots:

P.S. There aren’t many of us forum rats who use Aeon Timeline on the forum. Please be patient: I was away from my Mac all weekend. :smiley:

Huge thanks, Dragon! I so appreciate your taking the time for the thorough tutorial!

You’re welcome!