Possible to jump around without leaving Scrivenings?

As I work I prefer to see my book as one long document in the editor window as this gives me a sense of how all the sections of my book fit together. But I would also like to be able to quickly jump to a particular section by clicking on that section within the draft folder in the binder; just like if the binder was a table of contents. However, I don’t want to leave Scrivenings mode and only see that particular section I clicked on – I want the long document to still be open in the Editor, only now with the focus on the section I just clicked on. In other words something similar to a Wikipedia article; where clicking on a particular item within the table of contents only scrolls the article down to that particular part of the article, but from there you can still scroll up or down to any other place in the article without having to click on anything else. Is there a way to set this up?

You want the View -> Editor -> Lock in Place command. It lets you jump wherever you like in the Binder without affecting your Scrivenings session. The title bar at the top of the Editor window will turn red to show that the window is locked.

Note that if you split the Editor window into two panes, the Lock in Place command only affects the current pane.


Katherine is spot on, and just to clarify:

• When an editor is locked in place, clicks in the binder will not change the document in that editor. So, if there’s a single document in the editor and you click on another document in the binder while that editor has the focus, nothing will happen.

• If the editor locked in place contains a Scrivenings session, the same is still true - clicks on any documents in the binder not in that Scrivenings session will do nothing - but if you click on any documents in the binder that are contained within the Scrivenings session, then the editor will scroll to the start of that document within Scrivenings (that is, doing exactly what you want).

You can also click on the document icon next to the title in the header bar above the editor and select “Go To” - in a Scrivenings session, that menu will just show the documents in the Scrivenings session and allow you to jump between them. Lock-in-Place is more what you want, though, seeing as you don’t want to leave Scrivenings mode but just jump between the documents within it, which is what Locked-in-Place does.

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Thank you! Exactly what I wanted. I did consider the Lock in Place feature after I read through the manual a bit, but it was grayed out, apparently because I had turned off Header View. Any particular reason why lock in place is not available with the header hidden? To avoid confusion I guess?

Yes, that’s the sole reason - without the header view visible there is no way of indicating that the editor is locked, so it would likely be a support issue.

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Ok, thanks!