Possible to keep all writing in ONE project file?


I wonder if anyone is keeping ALL their writing inside one Scrivener project file instead of a project file for each project? I like the idea of having all my writing organized. I would use it to store: currently active projects, finished projects and reference materials as ideas and outside inspiration.

Is this a bad idea (thinking of limitations in file size, the program running slower etc.) ??


I would definitely recommend against doing this, as it isn’t really what Scrivener was designed for. It’s probably possible, as you can export/compile only particular folders, so you could have a folder for each project; it’s just that I wouldn’t really recommend it. If you do go that route, make sure you are even more particular about backing up than you would be normally, because all your eggs are in one basket, as they say.


I maintain one “master file” with one document for every novel project where I develop ideas until they are mature enough to give them their own Scrivener file. And this file will then be linked to the document. So I have an overview, can make project-related notes etc., but every novel is its own file.

Maybe that’s an inspiration?

Because I, too, would answer your last question with “Yes, it’s a bad idea”. :laughing:

Thanks for the replies.

KB: Right now i have all inspirational stuff in Omnioutliner. OO is great, but really i like to be able to write on multiple idea-bits before i decide what to focus on… OO is great for quick notes but not really a nice app to actually write/edit text in.
I will use your idea and create one scrivener file for fragments and inspirational notes. That allows me to play around with all my ideas in Scrivener enviroment and then create a seperate project file when i feel the urge to focus my work on this one idea.