Possible to make a block of text appear in two documents?

I know we can link to documents but here’s my situation: I started my outline in a single document (ie writing it old school) rather than the Outliner view. I prefer this to the outliner view because I can bold, color code & highlight text (the outliner’s labels are helpful but not enough).

As it’s a screenplay, I wanted the structure to roughly be 40 cards (10/20/10 for the acts). I initially was short by quite a few scenes but while I’ve been working on the structure, I copied from my outline to the cards, and to keep everything consistent I’ve copying edits in one to the other & vice versa.

Is there any way to make a block fo text (1 paragraph or more) appear somewhere else, like as a card synopsis?

If you select the relevant block of text then right-click, you can use the ‘Append Selection to Document’ option to send the text to another document in the project. As far as I know there isn’t an option to append the selection to another document’s synopsis (though there is an option to append the selection to the current document’s synopsis, under Documents > Auto-Fill > ‘Set Synopsis from Selection’ ). Is that sort of what you’re looking for?

The simple answer is No. The same block of text cannot appear in two documents. The same document might be displayed in different places/views (like in a Quick Reference editor window), but modifying the text in one place will modify all document views.

I would recommend splitting your document into subdocuments. Something that could help you a lot in this case is the command Documents > Split > with Selection as Title.

^ and once you’ve got your subdocuments, you can easily set the document text as your synopsis using Documents > Auto-Fill > Set Synopsis from Main Text. Useful if you plan on using the Corkboard to view your “cards”.

OK, I just have to clean up my process. I like the Outliner a lot but not being to emphasize text isn’t working to hell my figure out plotholes.

@tiho_d splitting documents could turn one doc into a bunch of cards on the corkboard?

Splitting the main document into 5 sub documents for example will result into 5 Corkboard cards, and 5 rows in Outliner view.

Got it, thank you!