Possible to make a list of comments and footnotes?

As I write I leave comments and or notes to myself to come back to later. I like to-do lists and I thought it would be nice to have a list of the notes and comments I make per file gathered into one list while in screener. I can open up my various scenes and have them listed in order on the right as is the default. But is there anyway to gather all those notes and comments together into one list from all the chapters and scenes in the book? This even possible?

There isn’t a built-in tool for footnotes (that is more of a niche thing I think), but you can export all inline annotations and linked comments with File/Export/Comments & Annotations....

To export all linked comments & footnotes, easiest thing would probably be to select the Draft item and load it in Scrivenings mode, then open the Comments & Footnotes Inspector pane, select them all with Cmd-A, and then copy and paste into a text editor.

There is no way to export all inline footnotes to my knowledge, short of just compiling as plain-text or RTFD and lopping off the endnotes list at the end of the compiled file.