Possible to respect System Date Formatting?

I was glancing at the inspector pane, and noticed that my file was last modified 2 months ago. Which was odd since I created the file 10 minutes ago.

Then I remembered that this was not an “American” app and that the default date formatting is the UK version and “08/10/06” is Oct 8th, not Aug 10th…

Any chance of getting Scrivener to respect the date formatting for short dates that is set in the International preferences? For those of us who read Month/Day/Year, it’s rather confusing (as the reverse would be for you.)

I tried altering the .nib in Interface Builder, and all I could do was make the hour/minute disappear and reappear, I couldn’t get the format to change in any other way.

Perhaps a custom routine is being used to output the date? If so, any chance of using the built-in approach in order to use the localization of the user? (I confess that I have not dealt with this problem before in Cocoa, so I do not have a built in answer. Happy to offer any help though if you are interested in changing this)



Hi Fletcher,

If you look it up, you will see that this is actually a lot harder than it sounds. You need to create formatters and apply them programmatically, and even then there are numerous issues. I looked into it recently. Now, if you would like to experiment and find a solution that works easily, I would be more than happy to implement it. :slight_smile: It is a lot harder than it should be, though. You can get the short date format from the system preferences easily enough… But everything else is rather complicated, as far as I recall.

All the best,

Hold on, you’re just talking about the inspector pane, aren’t you? Okay, I’ve updated it for beta 3 to use NSShortDateFormatString from the user defaults (system preferences). The date will remain the same in the outliner and “Insert Date” keyboard shortcut, though - it’s much more difficult to set it up for tables, I believe, and besides which, there is less confusion there as the month is in text.
Hope that helps,

Yes - I was referring to the inspector pane, specifically. I have no use for dates in the actual document, so didn’t look at it. But months in text should alleviate the confusion (except for non-english speakers, so perhaps a language localized release could come in the future when writers all over the world are racing to give you money for this… :slight_smile:

…and then there are the freaky weird people like me that discarded with the whole “month” thing and just count up from 001 every year. :slight_smile: Though, if B3 will take the short date system setting, it might actually work if the system is set up that way.

Happy 280th day of the year, by the way!

It may be too late for Beta 3, Keith, but might you also consider making the calendar system a bit more uniform? I’d be willing to bet the whole 12 month, 28/30/31 day thing is a pretty confusing interface for most users.
Could you just cut it down to say 10 months with 28 days each? That way we get to keep the familiar 7 day week and have an extra 85 days a year left over to define as Vacation (or in your case, Development Days).
September, October, November and December already have appropriate names under this scheme and we could change all those other stupid Roman months into something more contemporary. I’d even be OK with “Keith” being a month name if you like, and “AmberV” has a nice ring to it.
Come to think of it, the girlfriend and I are thinking of reproducing, and constant month lengths might make the Scrivener 8.0 “Family Planning Module” downright handy for tracking fertility.

Not a priority for B3 – I know, I know – but almost as handy as unified toolbar selection indicators.

No pressure,



This forum is starting to get the “We’ve all been up for 28 hours now” feel to it.

I’ve been averaging 4 hours a night lately and It’s staring to tell. Sorry Sorry - just ignore me.



Lol. :slight_smile: But you know, you do have a point. Trying to teach the kids that an octagon has eight sides just like an octopus has eight legs and October is, uh, the tenth month but, uh, it used to be the eighth, right, is a real chore. So maybe I could look into a decimal month system for beta 99, just after I overthrow the world, buhahah.


I need say no more.

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