Possible to search inside a Quickreference document?

Hello all,

I cannot seem to find how to search in a Quickreference window, so presume it’s not possible?

Assuming that to be the case, any ‘best practices’ suggestions?

I have a few sections tucked away at the top of all my projects, copied across them all, that contains notes to myself regarding style/referencing/writing guides etc., for consistency purposes.

When I am in the middle of writing, and don’t want to lose my focus by jumping into split view >> current writing = top pane <> style reference = bottom pane, I find it much easier to pop open the style reference in a Quickreference.
Only thing is, I cannot search through it to quickly find what I am looking for - whereas I can in the split view set-up.

That said, any changes made to that style reference in Project A, are not carried over to Projects B, C and D - which then involves a manual copy-and-paste, to ensure the style reference is consistent across them all.
So this is not ideal.

Would appreciate some suggestions on the above?

Assuming searching through my Quickreference is not possible - what then to do with the Style guide?
Drop it into a separate Project that I simply keep open in the background?
Possibly use Scrivener links? But presumably, those don’t work across Projects?
Keep it in something entirely different [i.e. a file inside Devonthink etc.?]

Many thanks!

You can use the Edit -> Find command to search in Quick Reference files. Just make sure the pane you want to search has the cursor focus.

You can drag and drop to duplicate a file from one project to another. Alternatively, you could create a project template that has the reference file already included.


Perfect! Didn’t know about the last two, and the Find probably wasn’t working due to the focus being elsewhere. The Template suggestion is certainly something I will look at.

Thanks again!

Even if the focus is in the QuickReference Panel, the standard shortcut Cmd-F (+Intro) doesn’t work very well. When I press the Intro key, the focus is missing and it’s necessary to come back to the QuickReference Panel. To avoid this behaviour, it’s necessary to use the mouse (a delay). Is it possible to fix it in the next version?