Possible to see 2 Labels colored in-text of Scriv Mode?

Hi, I’m working on an academic paper and trying to figure out how to use Scrivener’s meta-data. So far, messing around with the Meta-data hasn’t proven to be very intuitive. Is there a way to simply tag a phrase in Scrivenings mode (as in select a sentence for example), add a tag that will populate later, or be searchable later? I’d like that selection (sentence) be a different color in the Scrivening mode. I’m assuming that Labels is the best way to go here since I’m working with themes instead of keywords.

For example, in one document in Scriv Mode, I have themes of “Romanticism” and “Empowerment” and I’ve created Labels that are red and green, respectively. I would like to see visually which sentences in this single document refers to Romanticism or Empowerment. I’d like to be able to search and organize these sentences by these themes also.

So far, I haven’t figured out if Scrivener can do this. It seems like I can only apply one Label per document. Keywords seems useful for specific words, not themes. I’m trying to do this without moving into a different Mode and creating new sets of documents (like Index cards in Corkboard mode).