Possible to Set "no prefix" as the default "Add Link"?


When I use the “Add Link” feature, I normally want to add web links. However, when I copy the link from browser, it already has “http://” prefix.
The default “Add Link” feature is to add web links, which is great, but I’d rather that the default option is to have no prefix. Therefore I had to click the “No prefix” option every time I try to add a web link.

Is it possible to change the default option?


It should already be ignoring the protocol part of the URL if it matches the type selected. If you pasted “http://www.literatureandlatte.com/” into the link field with “http://” selected as the prefix, it won’t add a second “http://” to the link. If you paste “mailto:mac.support@literatureandlatte.com” with the “http://” prefix set, then it will product an invalid link, but if the “mailto:” prefix is set it will be fine.

Revisiting the original question here, which didn’t really get answered: Is there a way to set “no prefix” as the default “Add Link”?

It’s true that, as AmberV noted, if the prefix of the URL being copied into the field directly matches “http://” it’s not a problem, the duplication is removed. But if it’s anything else–including “https://”, which is very common, including on Wikipedia pages–leaving “no prefix” unchecked results in a misfiring link.

It’s a small thing–just the extra click of one button–but I’m constantly putting web links into projects. I’ve got “Add Link…” on a keyboard shortcut. I’d like to be able to grab the url from the website in question, hit my shortcut, drop the url into the field, and hit Enter, done. I can’t, in fact, think of an instance where I’m dropping in a web URL and I’d want to leave the Scriv-provided prefix in.

So…back to the question: Is there a way to set “no prefix” as the default “Add Link”?

I’ve attached a screenshot showing the dialog box I’m talking about. Leaving the “Web” radio button checked is most likely never going to be my choice (since all the URLs I grab bring their protocol prefix along with them), and I would much prefer to set “No prefix” as my default option. Any ideas?


There is no setting for that, but I’ll make a note to see if it is possible to just remember the last value you used.

Thanks, AmberV. That would be helpful.

Any news on that one ? I get a lot of invalid https://…. urls when I forget to check (most of the time, my bad ! ) .

Again, specifically for the common cases of malfunction like this, they won’t be a problem in the first place in 3.0. The panel will also preselect the appropriate prefix when one of the given protocols is found, http, https, mailto and file.

That leaves only one single condition where preselecting “No Prefix” might be advantageous: if one works with a lot of URLs not found in this panel, like ftp, or custom stuff like x-application-stuff. I’ll double check to see if we can have it remember the last in 3.0.

Thank you AmberV.
As I am using Scrivener mainly as an environment to consolidate research, most of my projects contain vast URL collections, I am sure it is a common usecase , so adding this would be very very “nice to have”.

Scrivener 3 is now out and this was added.
All the best,

Yee-hah! Thanks for the note, Keith. I’m very excited to hear about the release, and I’m heading for the upgrade right now. Congratulations.