Possible to switch style while in full screen?

I’m very much enjoying the luxury of writing in full screen mode but haven’t been able to find a way to change up the text style without reverting to standard mode. For example, I come to a point where I want to insert a block quote (a style I’ve defined previously). I see that there are a few options I can access (keyword, inspector, etc.), but I don’t see any way to change style without leaving full screen. Am I missing something?

Thanks for a great program.

Just call up the context menu (right click / ctrl-click), choose option Font -> there in the submenu you’ll find Styles…, which calls a drop down window with all styles defined. Choose a style and klick “Apply” - voilà.

I use this very often. It’s less complicated than it sounds, and a lesser destraction than leaving the full screen mode.

Excellent. Many thanks to you Andreas.