Possible to zoom-in on a jpg ?

I’ve been messing around with the options, so I don’t think this is possible… but would be happy to be corrected. As a little side project, I want to transcribe a hand-written journal I found of someone travelling through Italy in 1843.

The type of language written makes it an interesting, although sometimes challenging read, and I often need to really zoom in on the text I’ve scanned to see what he’s was actually writing. I thought I could use the split screen view in Scrivener and have a zoomed in view of my scan while I transcribe in the other window, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of zooming in on a jpg you drag in.

I can use Scrivener to open the file in an external viewer and set up my windows do to something approaching this, but would be more convieniant to do it all in one application

Double-click on the image in the editor, and you should get a pop up of options including zoom.

Thanks, that works great… I think I did everything except for trying a double-clcik

You can also use the pinch gesture on a trackpad. I’ve just added the “zoom” keyboard shortcuts for 2.0.3, though, as these should really work too.


Oh man, pinch gestures. I need to go try a fancy trackpad. :slight_smile:

It’s a shame the touch pad on the mouse can’t handle anything more complex than a two fingered swipe, the zoom would be really handy. I get the impression it’s not a proper multi-touch pad.