Possible Windows 10 Issue - Feedback would be great!

Hey all,

I have a brand new laptop that has had frequent bugs, and I cannot figure out if the laptop is at fault or whether Scrivener is messing things up… So thought I’d ask if any of you have had similar!

I’ve noticed

  • the menus going buggy (blank boxes appearing instead of the correct menu - if you wait for a long time occassionally the menu will eventually appear).
  • scrivener very slow to respond to mouse clicks (eg when trying to switch between screens or move my curser to a particular section of text)
  • scrivener slow to respond to keyboard touches (trying to type info into a metadata column takes 5 mins… But oddly, if I go into full screen mode, this lag doesn’t appear?)

These issues aren’t appearing 100% of the time but during daily use of Scrivener for 3-5 hours per day, they definitely appear more than once. The same issues then crop up outside of Scrivener, but from what I can tell so far the issues crop up in scrivener FIRST, leading me to think that it’s the root cause instead of something else.

My laptop is a HP Envy running Windows 10 1809 - have done all sorts of factory resets etc including from an external drive, and still have the same issue.

Anyone had similar with scrivener, or is it my laptop ?

Thanks for your help!


Which version of scrivener are you using, Anna? 1.9.x or the v. 3 Beta? It would help to know. If you’re using the Beta, have you checked the Beta Testing forum, to see if anyone else is reporting it (and post there, rather than here)?

I can’t advise personally as I’m a Mac user, though I do keep an eye on Windows development. But someone who knows more will be along.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Doh! That would help. :slight_smile:

I’m using Scrivener 1.9.9 (downloaded the latest version, not the beta)

I actually think I have figured it out - the issue seems to be linked to Scrivener full screen mode.

If I boot up my PC and use scrivener without activating FS mode, I don’t have any of the hangs/bugs.

As soon as I start using FS mode, eventually the computer freaks out.

Wondering if this is a known bug on the list to be fixed for the upcoming V3?

This sounds more like there’s an issue with your graphics driver’s memory management.

Are you using graphics drivers from Windows Update (the card vendor writes them, submits them to Microsoft, Microsoft blesses them for distribution) or directly from your graphics card vendor? I prefer to use the Windows Update-blessed versions, but if you’re using a lot of graphics-heavy applications on your machine, many users prefer more optimized drivers directly from the card vendor or chipset manufacturer. Whichever one you have, make sure it’s recent – you may be suffering from a bug that is fixed in a newer driver version.

You may also be running into an issue with whatever anti-virus/internet security package is on the computer. Boot the computer into safe mode, make sure that your AV/IS is not running, and try again. If Scrivener works without those issues, then you need to work through all the programs that are starting up on your machine during a normal boot and figure out which one(s) are causing the issues. AV/IS are always my first culprit, because they like to hook into the Windows kernel in undocumented ways and those often have effects on low-level code like the graphics system, etc. that are sensitive to small changes in timing.