Possibly corrupted file, font illegible

I sent a message to Scrivener support 4 days ago and haven’t heard back, so I’m hoping someone here can help.

When I opened my project on Monday (1/26/18), suddenly the font was illegible, even though all was fine before this. I can now only see the text to edit if I change sections to 48-point font.

I compiled the manuscript into a Word doc, and the section I had enlarged indeed showed up in 48-point font, with 20 words per page. The rest looked normal.

I started a brand new project in Scrivener and it looked fine. 12-point font is perfectly legible.

Has anyone experienced this? What is the best way to recover my 60,000-word manuscript? I need to keep editing so I can deliver to my beta readers.

Can you change the font back to your preferred font?

Or revert to a Scrivener backup taken prior to Monday?

The font itself hasn’t changed. Any font smaller than 36 pt is completely illegible, and even 36 pt is hard for me to see well enough to edit.

I didn’t know I could revert back to a previously saved version. I’ll try to figure out where old backups are stored on my computer.

Is it possible that you inadvertently adjusted the Editor’s zoom level?

You can determine the location of the backups in Preferences. I think F11 will get you there, but it might be F12.

Thanks, Jimrac. I was able to revert to a previously saved version. I had only edited text in two sections since that previous save, so I copied that text into Word and then imported it back into the newly recovered file in Scrivener. I’m so relieved. :smiley:

Glad you were able to sort it out!