Possibly useful online tool

I was reading a blog post yesterday, which mentioned a site called Trello.

It basically lets you set up boards, each of which can have a number of cards on it. I’ve just been having a play, but it looks like it may be useful for arranging scenes, chapters etc.

Best of all, it’s free :smiley:

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Trello is available as a web app for the Chrome OS, and several extensions support it.
It reminds me of Index Card for iOS, but with the ability to link URLs, files, and images.
Should be very useful for storyboard work and project management.
Thanks for the tip!

I tried out Trello a while back as a way to project manage everything I needed to do for my emigration. I really liked the premise: great for project collaboration where anyone can add tasks, update status, assign owners etc as things srping to mind.

In the end, I abandoned the site in favour of more traditional means. Chiefly this was because of the inability to use the site on older browsers (meaning Mrs Pigfender couldn’t access), but another major factor was the inability to change the interface, which was too bulky, rounded and cartoony. This seriously resticted the amount of info I could see at one time which made it less suitable for complex projects in my mind, but perhaps more of a major factor in my own case was that the interface just made it feel like I was playing with Duplo bricks in a Lego Technic world.

I did feed these things back to the site, and it’s been a while so they may have made refinements since then.