Maybe some of you have read The Know it All by AJ Jacobs, in which he reads the entire Encyclopedia Britannica? It was quite funny, I thought - and besides that, you end up learning a lot of random facts you never would have otherwise.

He came out with a new book, The Year of Living Biblically, in 2007. This is my second time reading it and I lurve it. He’s a non-observant Jew, but decides to follow the Bible literally for one year to prove the silliness of religious fundamentalism. Being a Christian myself, it’s quite fascinating. :wink:

Has anyone else read this? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. Or his other book.

I have not read the book, but I did take a nazarite vow for a year. Excepting the prescribed sacrifices, I adhered to the letter of the law (do you have any idea how prevalent grapes are in modern products?). I was amazed at how different folks responded to me in the course of a year. I am planning on taking the vow again sometime and have considered documenting the experience. Not sure if i will though.

That sounds very interesting…what made you decide to to this?

The closest I’ve come to this type of thing is to go from red meat obsessed to vegan. It lasted for about month, because all the food I could eat bored me, so I lost too much weight. Ah, well.

Not sure how much forum surfing you have done, but I am pretty vocal about my personal views. The crew here are very tolerant but to not abuse their patience let me point you to the opening of Numbers 6. Let me simply say that it was life changing. We can talk about it publicly but should start a new thread or move over to my site. Or you can PM me and we can talk over email.

These days I am moving toward a vegetarian lifestyle that I am labeling “less meat-itarian”. Partly because of my experience with the vow.

No, I haven’t actually looked around all that much. However, I am interested, so I’ll drop you a PM then, if that’s all right.