Post Snow Leopard Upgrade & Scrivener 1.52

I recently installed Snow Leopard 10.6 on my MacBook Pro (4gig RAM and 128gb Solid State HD). Scrivener 1.52 was screaming fast on 10.5, but now under 10.6 it takes a very long time to load my one .scriv file (which is my personal journal). It’s not physically large in size (under 50meg), but with snap shots and indexes, it’s more than 8000 files. There must be something about 10.6 that effects reading a large number of files. Once it’s loaded, it’s very fast… but it takes minutes to load, where 1.52 on 10.5 was near instantaneous.

Hi warlion,

Another user reported something similar and I have spent the past day or so fixing it. It has nothing to do with 10.6, but is the result of an “under the hood” change in 1.52. Scrivener has always checked the contents of any .scriv file upon opening it, to ensure that there are no files lingering there that haven’t been deleted properly, but it came to my attention that the check only worked for text files, so the code was amended for 1.52. However, the code wasn’t optimised - far from it. For every file it is checking, it creates a list of every other file for one particular check - so for 8,000 files, that creates 64,000,000 (8k x 8k) objects in memory very quickly. Ouch!

I have fixed and optimised it so that it should open files quickly again, and a 1.53 fix should be up before the end of the day.

Thanks and all the best,

Hey student sarah you out there?

Lob a few glyph-nickers for KB. He has earned it with these releases.

Who can ignore a summons from the headless one? :slight_smile:

I will now say something serious: pay attention, rare are moments like this…

Dear Keith,

It seems you’ve been busier than a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest over the last week, what with bug-fixing, recompiling, and what seems like 24-hour support responses here on the forum. I’m sure your inbox hasn’t exactly been static either. In addition to all your hard work, most us forum-folk have also witnessed you having to defend yourself, your philosophy and your life choices (not here, but in other threads) in order to justify why you (do/don’t) (want/need/ have the infinite (time/resources/technology/staff)) to implement some suggestions.

Equally, though perhaps less saliently, we have witnessed posts expressing gratitude for what you do, and how you do it. I just wanted to add my voice to the “Thank You” choir, so that maybe we become loud enough to your ears to drown out some of the negativity you’ve encountered (from a minority), and some of the stress you’re almost definitely experiencing. Thanks for all the firefighting you’ve taken on with the upgrades, thanks for (mostly) holding it together in a friendly and patient way, when it’s clear that sometimes you’d prefer to respond differently :wink: And thank you for Scrivener, and for continually improving it.

If I now sign off with “Nuff sed”, will that make my review comments invalid?[1] :wink:

[1] reference to another thread on misanthopism, where Mr KB was a little bit grumpsome :slight_smile: