Postbox 3 & Growl 1.2 integration

Do any of you helpful Mac folk use Postbox version 3 for your email client and have it working with Growl 1.2.2? I’m poking around at options for a mail client that I can use on both Lion and Snow Leopard, and Postbox seems a good contender, but I can’t make the Growl integration work. The “new features” notes make it clear that version 3 works with Growl 1.3, but it’s not evident if that also means that support for earlier (i.e. pre-Lion) versions of Growl was dropped. I’d like to think not, but I’m having no luck getting Growl to recognize Postbox’s existence, even having followed the Postbox suggestion of getting mail delivered in the background to ensure a notification event.

Despite having a handy knowledge base, Postbox doesn’t seem to have the most direct support route for tech questions–it’s really relegated to Twitter?–and I’m on a timed trial and grouchily impatient. So I thought of you all and how helpful and opinionated you are, and I said to myself, L&L’s forum. They’ll give me a hand!

So will you? Anyone have anything, positive or negative, to say about the current iteration of Postbox (or another IMAP client you love, especially one that will let you get a new message count in the menu bar rather than the dock) and particularly whether it works with Growl 1.2.2?