Posting to LiveJournal and UTC-8

So, I started a new project and I like to post snippets on my LiveJournal page. However when I copy and paste to the journal and attempt to post it I get the following message

“Bad Unicode Input: Your browser sent some text which is not recognised as valid text in the UTF-8 encoding, as it should be. This might happen if you forced your browser to view the previous page in some other encoding rather than UTF-8.”

I tried moving the text to a word processor and saving it to RTF and others, but nothing worked. I also tried with three different browsers.

Any solutions? Can I not post anything I write in Scrivener to a blog?

Thank you whoever has an answer.

That’s strange. What non-text characters are included in what you are pasting? It may just be that it doesn’t like the curly quotes or suchlike. (2.0 has a “Copy as BB Code” and “Copy as HTML” feature that should make this sort of thing easier.)

All the best,

Other than normal periods, the only other thing is the curly quotes.

It is not too big of a deal at the moment since I am unpublished and have a zero reader base waiting for my book. Hell, I usually don’t want to read the crap most of the time!

Normal periods? I meant normal punctuation.

You should encode those as HTML entities anyway, it is way more stable to have a ” in your web document than a ”.

Yes, as AmberV says, it’s definitely worth trying it without the curly quotes - it’s possible that they are causing the problems.