Potential Scriptwriting Bug

I’ve been having the weirdest time with Scrivener lately. One of my manuscripts in my Scrivener project (I have several books in here… hundreds of thousands–possibly millions–of words, if that matters) has defaulted to scriptwriting mode without any help from myself. At first, it was just a bit of a nuisance. I had to go in and change out of it on every new chapter. However, now it won’t let me change it out. I can see it shift back into scriptwriting before you get out of the change box. It’s weird.

But now I’m stuck with it. It’s driving me nuts. Does anyone know how I can force it out of scriptwriting mode?

This isn’t something I’ve heard of happening before. When you say that you see it shift back into Scriptwriting mode, do you mean that after deselecting Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode, the checkmark disappears and reappears in the menu before it closes?

One thing to note, Scrivener will use the current document type as the default for new documents created. If you have a document in script mode selected and then use Ctrl+N to create a new document, that new document will also be in script mode. If you toggle scriptwriting mode off for the document and then use Ctrl+N again, the new document should likewise not be in scriptwriting mode. So if you had created new documents while in a script document without realising it, that might have generated a number of script items.

Script mode is toggled on and off per item in Scrivener, so there’s not a quick way to convert hundreds of documents to the general text mode within the interface, but you can modify the project.scrivx file directly to delete all instances of


to reset everything. That will change all your items back to regular text mode, so you won’t want to do that if you have some intentional script documents. Before working in the .scrivx, be sure you have a good backup and that the project is closed in Scrivener.

That’s the odd thing. I never put it in scriptwriting mode to begin with. I tried creating a duplicate document off of one that hadn’t been in scriptwriting mode and then just change stuff in there to reset things, but it didn’t work. It still starts in there.

I have found a semi-workaround. If I start typing and let it do its scriptwriting thing, and then start a new paragraph, toggle the Scriptwriting mode thing (which still shows as on but whatever) and then change to my basic manuscript preset, THEN the next words will all be out of scriptwriting mode. I just retype, delete the previous line or so, and we’re good. But it’s WEIRD.

Okay, and highly annoying… but mostly weird!

Where in the interface is the document showing as being in scriptwriting mode? Is this just a formatting issue, or is it the element displaying in the editor footer…?

Also, just to be sure, have you updated to 1.8.6?

I thought I’d found a solution for changing several of my scripts to the novel format
I opened the project.scrivx file in a text editor deleted all instances of

but when opening the file in Scrivener nothing had changed. all my files were still formatted as a script
What did I do wrong?

This won’t change the existing formatting of the document, it just switches whether Scrivener recognizes it as a document in script mode or not. So the formatting is no longer identified as an element, it’s just as though you had assigned that alignment, indentation, spacing, etc. to that chunk of text the way you would regularly in a text document. You could use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style on the documents. It won’t change the capitalisation, but it will standardise the formatting.

You suggestion helped. Thanks! :slight_smile: