Potential Scrivener/CreateSpace PDF version conflict?

I heard from a customer tonight that a PDF she generated in Scrivener for upload to CreateSpace is failing at the automated print check stage. She says the automated print check begins but will never finish, and that later she gets a message that the print check “couldn’t be done” without any further explanation of the error.

She and I are working to diagnose the problem, but I wondered if as of the latest updates perhaps Scrivener’s PDF output version might be more advanced than CreateSpace is capable of accepting. Per this specifications link…

createspace.com/Special/Ent … elines.jsp

…CreateSpace supports PDF v1.4 and lower.

What output version does 2.4.1 compile to? I’d like to eliminate this as a potential CreateSpace failure point.


Just a follow-up…this customer is now reporting that after submitting to CreateSpace for their manual review, the online previewer is functioning correctly, showing her PDF with no problems.

Glad she got it working. Scrivener’s PDF output is just the OS X standard - it uses OS X’s printing and PDFKit mechanisms to produce PDF files, and there shouldn’t be anything particularly advanced about them.
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