Potentially stupid question about using scrivener with an iPad and a Windows PC without syncing

I’m admittedly a little bit paranoid about syncing after some nightmare experiences, and being disorganized doesn’t really help as I doubt I’m going to remember to close my programs before syncing. Is it possible to just manually save Scrivener files on my iPad or Windows PC and move them back-and-forth between devices using Google Drive or something? Or do I really have no choice but to set up syncing?

I want Scrivener but I may skip it if I can’t manually transfer files. The fact that competent people struggle is worrisome. I’m not competent lol. Thanks!

Don’t use Google Drive, use Apple File Sharing. (Yes, it works with Windows.)
support.apple.com/guide/iphone/ … d851b9/ios

But yes, this is completely possible, and this is the method we recommend for people who don’t want to synchronize for whatever reason. Just be aware that you are responsible for keeping track of which device has which version of the project. Scrivener won’t do it for you.