(Potentially) Stupid Questions

Churning along in NaNoWriMo, close to 35K words at the moment. Two potentially silly questions:

  1. I close Scrivener, then come back to it. Same text file, but the file keeps opening toward the end of the file when I’d much prefer it opened where I left off. Is there a way to fix this, or am I doing something wrong?

  2. Due to hard drive problems at the time, I started this project in Word. Creating new text files and copying and pasting them in works okay, but it’s not uniform. As an example, the one I created in Scrivener, when I hit RETURN, the cursor drops down one line and indents. In a file I’ve copied and pasted, hitting ENTER drops a line, but I then have to hit TAB. Again, any ideas where I’ve gone wrong or what I’m not doing??? I’ve tried converting to default format, with no success.


Thanks for trying Scrivener.

  1. Files open to where the cursor was when they were closed (not necessarily to where they were scrolled). Try clicking into the text where you want it to come back to, so that the cursor (insertion point) is there. When you come back to your project, it should open to that point.

  2. When you say you tried converting to default format, did you select the copied and pasted document in the binder and go to Documents > Convert > To Default Style? When you copy and paste text in, it will use whatever formatting it had in the other program (e.g. Word). New documents use Scrivener’s default style. But converting them should work.

All the best,


Thanks so much for getting back to me. Point 1 just is not happening. I’ve tried inserting the cursor, I’ve tried typing, then saving, then closing with no success. When I go back into Scrivener, the file always opens about 8/10 of the way down in the manuscript, and I end up fishing for the spot I left off.

2 worked out nicely. A few minutes correcting some format errors, but good to go.

P.S. I’m not trying Scrivener, been using it since I moved to Mac, about 18 months ago. Overall, love it, love it, love it!

Sorry, when you mentioned NaNo I thought you meant you were trying the NaNo trial - jumping to the wrong conclusion as usual.

Point 1 is strange. I have heard occasional reports of this happening, but it usually only involves going between the main mode and full screen mode. When you reopen the project, the main editor should have the focus. So if you load the project and then hit one of the arrow keys, does the text jump to the right place? That is, is the cursor in the right place when you reopen the project, and only the scrolled position wrong? Or is the cursor in the wrong place too?

Thanks and all the best,